Posted in August 2010

Who survived Pundaquit?

Who survived Pundaquit?

So with a plan (thanks to the Internet!), a backpack filled with clothes, a wallet stuffed with a few bills, and a stern resolve to enjoy what Pundaquit has to offer, my friends and I whisked our Manila-weary selves to Zambales (and all its promises of doom)! Continue reading

Everyday blessings

Everyday blessings

We dwell often on things that make us feel bad for ourselves, making us miss those many wonderful blessings we get everyday.

For the past eight years, I’ve been waking up at six or seven in the morning almost daily with a bitter mood, dreading what the day is about to bring. Continue reading

Diagnostic Criteria: Love Interest for Ivy

In medicine, we usually check on a list of criteria to determine whether a certain patient was sick with a very important syndromic disease (e.g. infectious endocarditis, Huntington’s, APAS and the list goes on).

So, I figured why not do the same for my future boyfriend/lover/husband?

Rule for Diagnosis:
You can only be Ivy’s future boyfriend/lover/husband if you meet:
2 major criteria + 1 minor… OR 1 major criteria + 3 minor.
Continue reading

When will you go away?

How could I have ignored all the signs? The extraordinary warmth you showed. You also lacked all subtlety when, with every encounter we have, you strove to call my attention.

I then utilized everything in my power to flood you with the immensity of my emotions. Continue reading