When will you go away?

I was careening smoothly on course, naively thinking I was in control of the wheel.

Seemingly out of nowhere, this vicious, almost malevolent force yanks my head out of its habitual ordinariness and forces my mind to deal with the reality of proximal you.

How could I have ignored all the signs? The extraordinary warmth you showed. You also lacked all subtlety when, with every encounter we have, you strove to call my attention.

However, I know ignorance itself cannot be my sole reason for a purported delay in my response. Once this epiphany presented itself, I knew I had to act swiftly and I did.

I then utilized everything in my power to flood you with the immensity of my emotions.

I don’t want you on my forehead, pus-filled cystic pimple.

You are eating away at my social life. I am vowing to slay you before the weekend arrives.


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