Everyday blessings

For the past eight years, I’ve been waking up at six or seven in the morning almost daily with a bitter mood, dreading what the day is about to bring.

Of course, I am referring to my days in medical school with our every-other-day schedules of written and oral exams, journal reports or class presentations. Medical school is not exactly the place for the ego of a person used to being the best in everything.

But, there have been days when I loved waking up. Sometimes, even an hour before the alarm clock goes off, I would already be raring to start my day. I would be walking around the world with a spring in each step, not even stopping to frown over somebody’s dog poop on the streets or to mumble when the rain suddenly pours over an umbrella-less me.

I was feeling pretty mediocre and lazy today. I could go to a friend’s birthday party tonight, but I still have a ton of paperwork to finish before Monday.

While I was procrastinating earlier today, I chanced upon this post made by Chari, who also graduated from my high school. It was titled Longtime Promise and she shared how she would literally count her blessings before she falls asleep.

We dwell often on things that make us feel bad for ourselves, making us miss those many wonderful blessings we get everyday.

Pink flowers from Malaysia

Unexpected pink beauties at the foot of Mt. Kinabalu in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

As of today at 2 PM, I am thankful for the following:

  • I didn’t have to be roused by my alarm clock from deep slumber.
  • I still have perfect vision, a complete set of teeth and no new skin blemishes.
  • I can choose to avoid running around puddles and inhaling the pollution of Metro Manila today.
  • I just had a cup of coffee. And, I can have three more later. It’s the only vice I can tolerate having.
  • I know that I am liked, loved and adored by people who I like, love and adore.
  • I was able to download “2081”, a film I’ve been wanting to watch since I saw this Freshly Pressed post: The Cost of Distraction: What Kurt Vonnegut Knew. The trailer reminded me of George Orwell’s book “1984”, one of my favorite works of fiction.
  • I am going to Zambales with my best friends next weekend. That reminds me that traveling is my other vice.
  • I have a family that supports my dream of becoming a doctor that can holistically heal as many lives as possible. Even when they can never completely understand why I am foregoing residency training (the usual next step for most new MDs) for “the road less taken”.
  • I may not be earning much too, but I am surviving. And, I love  my present job because it lets me help our less fortunate countrymen.
  • And again, I found a song to use for today’s soundtrack. As Jason Mraz succinctly said, “Day, what you got? How many gifts will I receive?”

All the blessings that I need have been given to me. If these will be taken away from me or if I will be given more, I trust that those things would happen for a purpose.

Yes, I am truly thankful for this beautiful day. World, lemme share it with you.


2 thoughts on “Everyday blessings

  1. there are things we should really be thankful for. people are sooo blessed that they don’t realize it. I complain a lot too, but I feel humbled by the end of the day that I am who I am and I have what I have.

    btw, i also feel for you, career-wise. dami nagsasabi why am i in longterm, why am i not doing acute, etc. paki ba nila di ba? lol. i believe everything happening now has a reason and it’s all in God’s plan. hindi man traditional and career-path ko, i believe everything will fall into place like how God would want it to =)

    believe lang ivy! 😀 and continue with the prayers and praising the Lord

    • We always want more, but we have so many blessings already! Re: career, this is what feels right and I’m sticking to it, too. Even if half the world says otherwise (like take US MLE or take residency already!) 🙂

      Tet, I can just picture us with Hay and Ceej mulling over stuff like these over tea lattes. Until four in the morning. I miss you! 🙂

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