Why be afraid of living?

Situations can sometimes be so tricky, so difficult that just when you think you have sunk your deepest, another meter of trouble appears below your feet.

We would often wish for someone or for something that could just take away all the pain and the anxieties, then, it all ends.

You know that humongous feeling of relief you get after going through those harrowing experiences?

Isn’t it the best feeling in the whole world?

About this time last year, I saw this guy post in his journal a list of things he was able to survive from. I got to thinking about those moments where I wanted out or thought I would die (from shame, pressure or even literally die), and became very thankful for still being here, in one piece and ready to face whatever life throws in my way.

I am proud to say that I have survived these twenty-six things:

  1. Recurring bronchitis as a newborn
  2. Isaw, scramble and fishballs being sold beside a highway
  3. EDSA Revolution (only the real one counts)
  4. The Great Earthquake of 1991 (crouched under my green school desk)
  5. Almost falling off my neighbor’s aratiles tree
  6. Falling down that very steep slope in St. Paul College of Pasig twice
  7. Early morning car accidents
  8. Commuting in Manila via jeepneys whose drivers think yellow light means “go faster”
  9. That VERY awkward stage of puberty
  10. Milenyo, in a car with rooftops and tree branches charging at us
  11. A bleeding big toe while doing backstage work at our high school prom, in high heels
  12. High school drama (heartbreaks, friend fights, teacher horrors, etc.)
  13. Going on my first bus trip to Baguio alone, boat trip alone, and airplane trip alone (domestic and international)
  14. The worst airplane turbulence ever aboard those small aircrafts
  15. First day in college where I knew no one
  16. Those amazing exams in med school that can extract humility from the most arrogant soul
  17. Joining my beloved sorority
  18. Coffee, alcohol and secondhand smoke
  19. Epidemics of dengue, SARS, FMD and Influenza A(H1N1)
  20. Four deaths of beloved members in my family
  21. Toxic ER and ward duties, endorsements and oral exams where “sana tinamaan na lang ako ng bulalakaw” (I wish I had been hit by an asteroid)
  22. The thousands of drug-resistant, deadly microorganisms in the Philippine General Hospital
  23. Reviewing, taking and passing the Philippine Physician Licensure Examinations of August 2009
  24. Last year’s Typhoon Ketsana (locally known as Ondoy)
  25. The waves of Surigao del Norte, and Pundaquit, Zambales
  26. The latest challenge yet: Bikram yoga

Life is indeed very short and too interesting to live the rest of it in fear.

I have actually posted this last year. I just thought of updating it. After all, it has been three hundred and seven months, and somehow I’m still alive.


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