You are never the person you thought you would be at 27.

This is my first blog post since turning 27 just three months ago.

Wow. Has it only been just 3 months?

I do feel like I’ve changed quite a lot in just the past three months. I am certainly not living the life of what that control-freaking 15 year old was mapping out in sheets of yellow-hued paper, marked with red and blue ink.

For one thing, I am presently living in Thailand.

Ronald says “Sawa-dee krap!”

Never in my wildest dreams/nightmares did I see myself trodding down streets with names I can’t even read and count currency of a nation I have never read about in my history classes.

I should say part of me took this job for the opportunity to be on my own, to start anew, and to soak in a new culture. The money was just a secondary reason (but a very close secondary one, mind you).

And yes, to the Filipinos reading this, everything is much cheaper here. If Divisoria was to become a kingdom/country/state and expand to almost 200,000 square miles, it should be called Thailand. You can buy everything here for a bargain. Maybe even your soul.

Lost in temples

Look who’s lost in Thai temples? :p

I have to admit that the future is still a bit hazy for me. But within these past three months, what I want has become nothing but clearer. I know the future I aim for is right there, within that fog.

Though saying I’m 27 makes me feel terribly old, the truth is I am only just beginning to live.

And I fully intend to go on more adventures with the ageing me.


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