A Letter from Past Me

Date: July 9, 2011

Dear FutureMe,

I don’t know what you are doing right now.

Grabe ano? Bakit parang lahat ng bagay ay hindi pa set in stone sa iyo?

Right now, PresentYou (or PastYou) is torn. Between going back (to your comfort zone, to your family, to your old dream) and staying (in your non-comfort zone, in a country with no friends/family, in your dream-at-the-moment-just-to-make-money).

I hope by now, you have a clearer view of how things will be for you. And you are still with that sexy, witty, wonderful man named Daniel. He is such a catch, isn’t he?

Cheers, cutie. 🙂 Hope this arrives to you when you’re smiling your toothiest.

Present (will soon be Past) Ivy

P.S. Happy 28th birthday to ya! ❤

As I was about to call it a day on my 28th birthday, this showed up in my e-mail.

Last 2011, I “celebrated” my 27th in a new country. Have just recently set up house in a new apartment and was starting a new job. It was another Thursday, but I told my new bosses it was my birthday so they allowed me a day off. Hours into my birthday, at 2 AM to be exact, I found myself amused that I had the whole day to myself but I had no one to celebrate the day with.

My birthdays had long gone past the the cake-and-balloons celebration of my childhood. I no longer expected my mom to whip up a lumpia, spaghetti and pancit fiesta every 5th of April. A few years back, I even spent the first 8 hours of a birthday in the hospital; the next 12 hours were spent sleeping in my bedroom after that particularly busy 24-hour hospital duty. I just woke up, with 4 hours left to spare, to grab a late dinner with my family. Using up a few hours to bond with my loved ones was all fine by me.  There wasn’t a need for an all-out party anymore.

But, was it even my birthday if no one went to dinner with me? What makes 2011’s day different from the day that preceded it? I thought about marking it by spending a day in Bangkok, exploring the popular bargain shops. But, I was scared I’d be lost in Thai translation.

Grand Palace Complex

The Grand Palace Complex in Bangkok was nothing short of grand with its towers of gold.

What did I end up doing last year? I did my laundry, responded to birthday e-mails, and helped myself to ice cream and a new Thai dish (Thai “sausage”). My day was also punctuated by message exchanges and a call from my best friend (now known as my future husband).

It was simple, too simple. But, a birthday is really just another day.

Like all the other days that precede it and it precedes, I know that the best way to mark it is to celebrate that that day was again given for you to have.


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