Joys of today, which are never too small

Every day, we wake up to hundreds of blessings.

My Today was exactly like that.


Sweets oh sweets (like this sinful banoffee pie from Banapple) are always the bane to my ever fickle waistline and the ultimate pleasure to my tastebuds.

I shared a slice with a friend today.

Banoffee pie by Banapple

Why did I even care what the “-offee” in its name stands for?

Pies this perfect are just eaten, never questioned.


True friendships do not have limits.


Wean contemplating Banapple, per my direction, hehe

Luckily, I met two of my truest friends 10 years ago. I had been feigning confidence, determined not to show the strangers on my first day in a new school what I really felt.

A girl with her hair in a ponytail was sitting beside a girl with thick eyeglasses. While Eyeglassed girl looked on, Ponytail girl asked, “Which St. Paul (College campus) are you from?” Relieved to  finally have possible lunch-mates, I said “Pasig City” and two true friendships began.

Thank you, Wean and Angelica.

And the last one… for now:

This snapshot of a lotus bloom brings the beautiful memory of a future promise.

Photo of lotus

It was the easiest decision I have ever had to make.


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