Not Of Filipinized Sushi and Filipinas

I went to a Quezon City mall today and left thinking of three eternal truths:

  • Quezon City,  reached either by train or by bus, was just too damn  far from Manila City!
  • Every sushi I eat after the Tsukiji Shijo experience will indeed become tasteless rubber to my palate.
  • Life is made up of neither coincidences nor plain destiny. Saying it is either is an oversimplification.

This is what being with my friend Pia does to me. I become a Pilosopa Tasya and 10 years immature at the same time.

Pia and I met at a place known to be a blackhole for young adult women, which we shall call the “Forever 21” store in SM North EDSA. Our first agenda was lunch but, we still chose to spend a half hour perusing the store’s while constantly shaking our heads like frustrated shoppers would.

Then, our tummies demanded a late lunch. We decided to go with the “Sakae Sushi” restaurant in SM North’s annex. We were tempted to go with the buffet of sushi in a conveyor belt, until our wallets reminded us of our grim realities. We ended up sharing a plate of assorted sushi and vegetable tempura.

Quick food review: Once you’ve tried Tsukiji Shijo‘s fresh-from-the-sea sushi, you can never forget its melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. Hence, Sakae Sushi’s sushi was palatable, but they paled in comparison.

Sakae Sushi

But hey! Their sushi is photogenic!

As I sat in the booth with Pia, exchanging stories of the past few months, it struck me how different our lives were exactly two years ago.

The realization awed me and scared me at the same time. How different will everything be in two years?

I will soon be living in a different country. It had been quite difficult to stay in touch with all my friends and family even while I was in the Philippines. It will be even more so when I’m in a different timezone!

Pia, this picture is my attempt to break the clock, to revel in the moment of being your friend, having been your yoga buddy, and eternally available to be your confidante.

My friend Pia and I

I will miss you, Pia! Apply na for the Japan visa!!!


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