Playing with Greys

I believe there are only three things you need in preparation for a super typhoon as massive as the one Okinawa is experiencing now. You need non-perishable food, numerous random prayers that the three electric posts won’t suddenly topple onto your living room, and (at least) one person who will smother you with kisses (Hi, husband!) as soon as nature takes its wrath elsewhere.

Others are just optional. Technology is one of them. After all, entertainment is what everyone wants whenever they have to be forcibly confined for a day or two. One of my sources of entertainment has been Instagram.

I have used Valencia, Brannan and Amaro for most of my photo filtering needs. But, I have yet to apply Inkwell to my collection of mundane pictures. So, let’s play a game, shall we? Can you guess what object it is that I shot and edited with Instagram?

The topmost left holds a close-up of my husband’s bicycle helmet. The natural light that fell onto it made the helmet a subject that was just too irresistible. The bottom left picture is a glimpse into a tin can that held a variety of currency: 10, 50, 100 yen coins surrounded a single coin with Thomas Jefferson’s bust. Depicted on the right is the sight of the windy outside world, occluded by our sheer curtains.

By the time I took the shot with the curtains, I was addicted. Where else can I find nooks or objects that will register well with an Inkwell filter?

The four shots in the next collage were taken in different parts of our apartment. Saying which ones will serve as clues and will undoubtedly lead to obvious answers.

Top left was shot in our bedroom. Yes, it’s our comforter and it has helped me sleep for the last couple of nights in spite of the sound of a freight train howling outside my window.

Top right is a shot of our bath tub. I filled it with water, just in case the water supply runs out and I needed tap water to do away with stuff I needed to get rid of (a.k.a. flushing).

Bottom shots were found on the kitchen counters. On the right is a glimpse into the pasta container, featuring my favorite whole wheat pasta. On the left is a ceramic oil burner shaped like an elephant. I bought this when I was still living in Thailand and gave it to my ex-fiance (now husband!) as a non-occasion gift.

Using the Inkwell filter has proven to be not so bad after all. As for super typhoon Bolaven, I still do not like you.


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