I will have a healthier lifestyle in 56 days.

Two years ago, I had a running habit. I lost 20 lbs from my 150 lbs weight. I practiced bikram yoga and ran six days a week. My blood pressure was always within the 100-120/80 range. I was healthy.

Now, I do not fit in some of my clothes. Again. I have occasional high blood pressure. Again. I dislike the body I see in the mirror. Again.

I stand five feet tall. Yet, I weight 142 lbs. Using the CDC Body Mass Index Calculator, my mass index is 27.7, which is in the middle of the overweight range. But, I should use the Asian Body Mass Index Calculator instead. That marks me as Obese Type I.

This post shall serve as my pact to myself.

“(When) we want to develop a relatively simple habit like eating a piece of fruit each day or taking a 10 minute walk, it could take us over two months of daily repetitions before the behaviour becomes a habit. And, while this research suggests that skipping single days isn’t detrimental in the long-term, it’s those early repetitions that give us the greatest boost in automaticity.”

– “How long to form a habit?”, psyblog.com

I will live a healthier life in the next 56 days. I will run six times a week. I will limit my drinking of soda. I will drink as much water as I can. I will not yield to bouts of laziness.

This lifestyle change will not be just for myself… but for my loved ones, who are all worth living for.

These shoes were made for runnin’


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