I married a triathlete!

I prefer books to volleyball. I love walking in comfortable flats and not in running shoes. I’d rather snorkel in the ocean than do lap swims in the pool. It took me almost 2 hours to cycle a route my husband could have done in 40 minutes.

Obviously, I am not athletic.

When my husband proposed marriage two years ago, I knew I was “signing up” for a very different life. He is in the military, he loves to run and he travels a lot. Those were the facts back then. Little did I know that I was marrying a future triathlete!

My husband has been running since his teen years. Running is an inexpensive hobby. You really just need a pair of shoes that fits your running gait and your running style. My husband has quite a collection of shoes. He buys new ones every 300 miles, which means he buys new shoes every 2 to 3 months. That is how often he runs.

He has also taught himself how to cycle and how to troubleshoot minor issues with his bikes. He has been riding 50 miles every weekend for the past couple of months he’s been home. I know that my cycling skills with my hot pink mountain bike can never keep up with his speed on his seemingly featherweight road bikes.

A few months ago, my husband completed his first triathlon. It was a 1,000 meter ocean swim, 3,000 meter bike ride and a 5,000 meter run. He finished in two hours what I could never have done in a day. Below is a picture I took of him on that day.


My husband is signed up for the Ironman 70.3 in Cebu City, Philippines on August 4, 2013. It will be his first middle-distance triathlon. The race will consist of a 1.2 mile swim (1.93 Km), 56 mile bike ride (90.1 Km) and a half marathon (21 Km). It is a daunting task and as a wife, I should probably feel scared for him.

But, all I really feel right now in my non-runner, non-cyclist and non-swimmer bones is pure excitement. I married a triathlete!

He has conquered half-marathons, producing a new personal record every time! He has ridden in the sweltering heat of Okinawan summer over bridges and highways, covering more than 50 miles! He has swam around jellyfish and cut across waves from the East China Sea! With clean eating and a healthy lifestyle, he has also lost more than 30 lbs in weight. And what’s more, he has inspired me to run a 10 Km race in October in spite of my list of stubborn excuses.

There are days when I wake up and thirty minutes later, he comes home from an early morning run or a long bike ride. With the little time he has free off work, I am amazed with his zealous attitude towards getting better in not just one but three sports! How can I not be supportive of a person who fascinates me with the many challenges he continues to overcome?

No matter what the outcome of the Ironman is, my husband is already a winner! I married a triathlete and I am very, very proud of him!


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