Have you ever wished that time can stand still?

I wanna break every clock.
The hands of time could never move again.
We could stay in this moment for the rest of our lives.
– from the song “Inevitable” by Anberlin

I’m Ivy. I am a doctor by profession. I am the lucky wife of a perfect man. I am in love with nature, with being lost in a new city. I am an aspiring clock-breaker.

Like you, there have been countless moments in my life when I find myself demanding the universe to defer change, to just remain in that second, in that minute.

Reasons for this absurd wishing vary from dread of the unknown to an incredible delight in the present. However, no matter how strong we demand time to stop, it will change. Time will still move a second forward. We are never the people we were a second before.

Below is a photograph I have taken in the summer of 2011. While the lotus bloom was tended to by the bees, I received a most wonderful blessing for which I shall be eternally thankful. This photo bears the memory of that beautiful day.

I have taken several photographs since then. Each click and each pixel encapsulated memories I never wish to forget. Some of those photos are found here. All taken by me, unless otherwise specified.

Breaking the Clocks is my attempt at willing time to just be still… to be immortalized in a photograph taken and a story told.


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